Our discussion-led groups provide good advice you can put into practice at work

Welcome to the APMG Showcase

The APMG Showcase events provide a unique platform for professionals to learn about best practice, share ideas and experiences, and improve their practical business skills.
Organized by APMG-International, our regional events provide an exciting forum for thought-leadership and discussion in the fields of project, programme, risk and IT service management. Every Showcase is designed to give delegates up-to-the-minute insights into the world of best practice.

All participants are encouraged to share their experiences of running programmes and projects, enabling everyone to benefit from each others’ knowledge and expertise. The events provide excellent networking opportunities and are a great way to hone your knowledge. You can bounce ideas off your peers, discuss innovations and present success stories in a forum of like-minded business people.
APMG  Showcases are truly interactive with a varied selection of speakers, seminars and round table discussions. Events take place across the globe over the course of the year; so please check the list of locations on the menu to find a Showcase near you.

The APMG Showcase was formerly known as the Best Practice Showcase.

To find out more about APMG-International, visit www.apmg-international.com.